The chamber works hard to bring more business and clients to their members through advertising , seminars , listings and social interactions to ensure that they are outreached to all services provided by our members.


Stand out and get noticed as an active member of the Molai Chamber of Commerce and industry gain increased exposure through our publications, directories, website, social media presence and webinars


It’s not just who you know.

It’s who others know!

Build strengthen for your business network through member partnerships Chamber events and social media networking.


Raise your reputation because reputation matters!

Chamber membership is respected and recognised by the community and other members of the chamber.


As a chamber we are able to resource training for our members to support them in furthering their knowledge to help grow their business and be successful


Creating a strong, local economy means creating a quality of life that attracts new members that help to develop an environment that a growing community wants to live, play and trade in.

Advocacy Service

The MCCI Advocacy Services is a function within the Chamber that supports Chamber members to interact with key organisations and institutions to address strategically relevant issues that require identifying the most appropriate function within the organisation, a prompt response and an independent and non-partisan mediation. The service is free for our Patron members and it can be used by other members with a small fee.

Advocacy Service

Business Tool Kit

Business Tool Kit

¬†Some of our members share best practise and expertise via our ‘Business Toolkit’ fact sheets.
This toolkit is freely available to all local businesses , so please feel free to use and share your ideas too.